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Why outsource to Suriname

Business process outsourcing in Suriname

Economic Growth

The call centre sector remains a strong contributor to the Suriname economy, on average, approximately 2,500+ employees are working in the call center industry.


Suriname is the only Dutch-speaking nation in South America, Dutch being the official language taught in schools and spoken in in the business community.

Culture and environment

Until 1975 Suriname was a de facto Dutch colony, remaining close to the Netherlands since gaining independence. Almost everyone in Suriname has at least one family member in the Netherlands or vice versa.

Service orientation

With its well-educated and high-quality workforce, Suriname remains to be the most cost-effective destination for offshore Dutch support with savings up to 60% versus the Netherlands.

Quality service and compliance driven

All respectable contact centres in Suriname supporting the Dutch markets work in full GDPR and Data protection compliancy in accordance to Dutch and EU regulations.

Costs versus saving

Low-cost country with flexible, professional and highly trained workforce readily available in a mature call centre market.

The work environment

Locations in Suriname