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Polling Campaign


Our client, a leading Italian company in supporting Political Strategy and Communication, base their success on the ability to deliver a compliant and consistent CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) polling process. Towards the end of 2017 the general elections were announced, with our client having to launch a general polling campaign all over Italy in just a matter of days.


Deliver 100,000+ completed sample interviews in less than a month, over year end, without missing any delivery targets, all while delivering on a demanding set of quality KPIs, during a challenging IT process as well.


The Acca19, powered by Capability BPO approach was to increase agents to an additional 50+ and extend our shifts, both on a daily and weekly basis. It became vital to enable Team Leaders and Supervisors to move across the different lines of business and have a sound understanding of different tools, within a diverse environment. Continuous training allowed us to address any concerns around quality due to agent turnover.


A dedicated QA process was also implemented for the entire duration of the project. A “roll back plan” was also defined upfront to gradually move back to “normal” when the peak effort on the project was completed.

  • 100 000+ interviews delivered
  • Customer happy with quality.
  • Our agents had the chance to be exposed to a different client, gain more experience, and learn new tools in a new environment.

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What clients say

Back in 2018 when we founded 7G Digital Media, our new strategic marketing agency, we outsourced the onboarding of new customers to Acca19, powered by Capability BPO™, based on their solid telephone outbound B2B experience. The decision worked! We are able to attest to the success of the solution, in both reducing onboarding costs and in building up our presence in segments like SME and SOHO.
Marco Michielon
Founder and CEO di 7G Digital Media
Capability BPO has a great understanding of what we as a business want to achieve. The COVID-19 pandemic and the proactiveness of Capability BPO showcased this even more. They listen to our needs, provide collaborative feedback, and then put into action what they say they intend to do. This understanding, listening and, follow through are highly valued by Groupon… Read More
Francisco Toledo – Director
Vendor Management Organization