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About us

Fast, flexible and agile

Ensuring a robust governance model and transformed service delivery management framework

Custom Connect is a leading independent provider of outsourced customer experience services globally.

We are fast, flexible, and agile in solution design and deployment. We have the ability to implement solutions, at scale and globally, by rapidly reacting to the changes in our Client’s businesses and the environments they operate in. Our ability to test, learn and rapidly implement insights comes from our own in-depth, first-hand experience and knowledge of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) space.

We understand the importance of proactive solutioning, speed to market, and adaptive execution, whilst not compromising on service delivery and customer service excellence in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Not just another Business Process Outsourcer

We are not just another Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) outsourcer offering low costs alternatives for offshore solutions. We are Outsourced Customer Experience Solutionists.

We focus on innovation, digital transformation, data analytics and insights-based decision making. We are transformation. Our strong partner network, detailed process design, and well executed solution deployment, and COPC way of working, across all channels and interaction touch points, provides a solid footprint for clients and their specific needs.

We listen to our employee voice.

Our people are at the center of our solutions. Their individual success is our success. We encourage personal development and actively provide opportunities for our people to grow and develop their BPO careers.

Employee voice is critical to the continued success and optimization of our operations. Quarterly ESAT feedback provides actionable insights into enhancing the employee experience and enables us to make continued business improvements, ensures a culture of engaged employees and cultivates a meaningful work-life balance.

Our differentiators







Our locations

Custom Connect offers a diverse set of BPO services to private and public sector clients, both to Domestic and International markets, spanning across a global footprint.

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Meet the team

As a strong emerging business, we consciously focus on our culture and our people. With the belief that we can only be as good as our people,  we drive a collaborative and engaging culture and operational environment.

Open, honest, and transparent communication is embedded in our way of working. We consciously create operational environments that are nurturing and trusting, working environments that drive personal growth and all-inclusive.

Stijn Lathouwers

Global - Chief Executive Officer International

Stijn Lathouwers

Stijn has more than 20 years’ experience working in the global BPO market services industry. He is skilled in Strategic Leadership & transformation, Service Delivery, Operations Management, Coaching, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Global Sourcing Strategy and Customer Satisfaction.

Vivekni Haribhai

South Africa: Head of Compliance and Legal Counsel

Vivekni Haribhai

Vivekni is an Admitted Attorney and Conveyancer responsible for the management of litigation and corporate governance within the group, identifying the viability of potential investments and business acquisitions. Vivekni is an accomplished legal practitioner and qualified Business Rescue Analyst.

Thomas Moore

United Kingdom: COO International

Thomas Moore

A COPC Certified Implementation Leader with extensive experience of operating in and implementing COPC standards, Thomas has over 20 years of experience in business process outsourcing across multiple sectors.

Hena Sugudhav

South Africa - Operations Director

Hena Sugudhav


Hena joined Debt-IN right at its inception, where she, like founding partner Mark Essey, helped man the phones. Today she has grown to become an integral, loyal member of the team, with a wealth of unrivalled experience in the industry. She is responsible for ensuring our commitment to service excellence.

Mark Essey

South Africa - Chief Executive Officer

Mark Essey

B.Com. B.Com Honours. ACMA.

Mark founded Debt-IN in 2008. His hands-on approach, keen operational insight, and extensive financial experience gleaned from over a decade in the financial sector working with blue-chip industry leaders, have led to the companies great success in the debt collection and credit recovery market.

Pieter van Wezel

Operational director International

Pieter van Wezel

Joining the Custom Connect Group in 2008, Pieter brings with him 14+ years of BPO and Contact Center experience. Previously Managing Director: Suriname, he is currently the Client Leader servicing domestic and international markets. His experience includes Customer Service, Change Management and Business Improvement.

Our people

We are a people business, passionate, socially responsible, and engaged. We are driven by the strong belief in putting our employees at the center of our efforts as we strive for quality, performance, and social engagement, making the lives better for our staff, their families, and the communities they live in.

Our management team is approachable and open to new ideas. Our overall approach is to be as open and transparent as we can possibly be and includes celebrating when we are doing well and being clear when we could do better. These open discussions enable our teams to contribute, to make suggestions, and bring cohesion. We involve our people in everything we do, encourage positive interactions, and provide ongoing coaching and training.

Custom Connect is an equal opportunities employer and celebrate the diversity, cultures, and unique differences of our people.

We work hard at our internal DNA to create a high performing organisation. We value “an extreme ownership culture through our people,” talent retention and our employee value proposition which remain critical to how we operate.

We consciously drive our “One Culture, One Company” vision across our global footprint, and value the unique contribution each of our employees bring to the culture of our business.

We are active participants in Impacting Sourcing and inclusive hiring and are driven by making a difference to our people, their families, and their communities.

What clients say

Back in 2018 when we founded 7G Digital Media, our new strategic marketing agency, we outsourced the onboarding of new customers to Acca19, powered by Capability BPO™, based on their solid telephone outbound B2B experience. The decision worked! We are able to attest to the success of the solution, in both reducing onboarding costs and in building up our presence in segments like SME and SOHO.
Marco Michielon
Founder and CEO di 7G Digital Media
Capability BPO has a great understanding of what we as a business want to achieve. The COVID-19 pandemic and the proactiveness of Capability BPO showcased this even more. They listen to our needs, provide collaborative feedback, and then put into action what they say they intend to do. This understanding, listening and, follow through are highly valued by Groupon… Read More
Francisco Toledo – Director
Vendor Management Organization